About me

Pedro VegaFor better or for worse,  I’m the only author of the content, literature, photos and videos inside the blog. I work very hard day by day  to develop quality content. Giving visibility and projection to personal, cultural  or social projects based on or inspired in the city of  Barcelona and make it attractive for travelers. To guide, inform and  entertain are the goals.


Most of my professional career has developed in travel agencies or tour operators. As a consequence I’ve been traveling through different countries. I feel very close to Latin America, particularly Mexico and Guatemala. North Africa, being Egypt  and Morocco the main destinations I worked with.
Nowadays Barcelona occupies my whole attention, because it’s where I live and as well it’s a city with a wide range of cultural and social activities. Social Networks have changed my career.


In Love with my family, they are the driving force behind what I do. I’m very happy with  a “pincho de tortilla” and a cold “caña” in the spring sunshine. Reader and apprentice  writer. 2001: A Space Odyssey is still my favorite movie. I show the city my way and its secrets who deserves it.<

The author,
Pedro Vega Quilez