Both for those who stay at home and those who have decided to spend a holiday in Barcelona, it is clear that they are not going to miss out on some leisure. Sea, mountain and city, all together in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, and therefore we put forward five good proposals for your vacation.


For mountain lovers Tibidabo is the place to be where both for fun and the best views of the city come together. It’s really worth spending a bit of time enjoying its attractions and meanwhile having a break to delight the panoramic view, and why not, take a photo to send a postcard to friends. 


Foto de: Adriano Amalfi (bajo licencia creative commons)

Torre Bellesguard 

Music and modern art are to be found in Bellesguard Tower. From June 25 until September 12 in one of the buildings erected by the genius Antoni Gaudí will host 47 concerts of jazz, blues and flamenco, among other genres, to please all audiences. 


Foto cedida por Sol de Barcelona

Sala Montjuic

From July 3 to August 17 cinema enthusiasts have an appointment at the Montjuic Room, at the foot of Montjuic Castle, to see the best films of all times, while taking advantage of a pleasant evening outdoors enjoying good company and one of the best views of the city.


Foto de: Ender84 (bajo licencia creative common)

Playa de la Barceloneta

And what a about the sea? if you fancy a dip in one of the most beautiful seas in the world and lying in the sun for hours, you can get close to the beach of Barceloneta. After a day bathing, long walks on the sand, hammock and tanning, what better way to finish the day than tasting a delicious paella or a freshly grilled fish at the beachfront. 


Foto de: Pedro Vega Quilez

Calle Tuset

Finally, I could not leave off this list, the Barcelona night. In this sense, one could say that almost 90% of the fiesta focuses on the Tuset Street, where you expect the best bars and vibrant nightclubs. A more than pleasant time of partying and dancing until dawn entering local as well known as Sutton, Biln or Soho.


Foto de: Pedro Vega Quilez

In addition to these proposals you can plan a tour to one of the nearby villages and great beaches to continue to enjoy the area. If you come out of Barcelona, it’s advisable to plan and book in advance, one useful websites is Revere, where you can find good accommodation options, filtering areas or neighborhoods and even consult user reviews. 

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  1. Maria

    Your proposals are lovely!!! I hope to be able to stay in Barcelona soon and I´ll contact you, Pedro, to follow your nice way to show that great city. Thanks for your great work… I´ll see you soon!!

    • Pedro VQ

      Dear María, I look forward to see you soon and to have the opportunity to show some secrets of Barcelona, thank you very much for your comment!

    • Pedro VQ

      Thank you Mercedes, we are going to spend the best weekend, still so many things to discover! a big kiss!


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